Ref.: 08-0196
Baqueira / Valle de Arán

Great cozy Aranese House at Salardu

  • 220 m2 Surface
  • 4 Rooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 1 Parking slots
Great Aranese house in the sunniest and quietest area of ​​Salardú.

It is located 8 minutes from the ski resort and enjoys views, many hours of sunshine and a terrace in a very pleasant landscaped urbanization.

On the ground floor there are two rooms: the living room with a fireplace and a large terrace, as well as the dining room and the kitchen.

On the first floor we find two double bedrooms and a bathroom.

On the second floor there is a double room, another with 2 bunk beds and a bathroom.

On the third floor we have a second attic room with a fireplace, a bar cabinet and wonderful views of the valley and the mountains.

In the lower part of the house there is a private garage, ski storage, washing machines and hot water heaters.
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