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Barcelona is a great Mediterranean city. You will find few places that are so rich in history while at the same time audaciously modern. With an exceptional climate all year round, lively and inspiring, Barcelona shines both day and night.

The uniqueness of Barcelona is its charm, a sum of many things; enchanted streets, the famed work of master architect Antonio Gaudi, Gothic palaces, elegant parks, a great cultural agenda, sophisticated shopping in the finest boutiques, exquisite cuisine, and beautiful beaches and marinas are just a few of the details that make Barcelona a European dream destination. Barcelona’s International Airport, El Prat, is only 20 minutes away from the city center.

Properties available include but are not limited to, penthouses, new builds, townhouses, apartments in historical buildings, mansions, and modern beachfront apartments. Additional amenities may include, pools, gardens, terraces, amazing sea and city views. Suggested prime locations are Sarria, Pedrables, Eixample and Zona Alta.